Class News 2/26/21

Miss Murray’s Class News 2/26/21

We had a wonderful week in kindergarten full of celebrations! Can you believe we have been in Kindergarten for 100 days?! Wow! So much growth has been made! Your children continue to grow as readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, artists and prayerful stewards. Thank you for your teamwork as together we teach your whole child!

Sight Words: Our two sight words this week: each and which. Can you use these words in sentences or spot them in books with your child?

Phonics: Our phonics focus this week was word families -ap, and -ag. Students cut out their sort cards (that now have pictures and words), played memory match, glued them onto their graphic organizer and lastly spelled our own words within these word families. What are some words that end with these word families? Ask your child to tell you at least 5 words!

Literacy Centers: Students were busy during literacy centers this week! At the library center, students read picture books and drew the setting of the story. At the sight word center, students continued to look at sequencing cards and write their own story using the words first, next, then, and last. At the iPad center, students worked on reading stories and following along to the words. At our guided reading center, we read our reading group books and used word wheels to read –at, –an, and –ad words. We practiced reading and writing CVC words and focused on sounding out words. We are all working so hard and it shows!

Reader’s Workshop: We reviewed the story elements we have learned: Title, author, illustrator, characters, and setting. This week we focused on fiction and nonfiction as well as sequencing the events of a story. Students cut and sorted pictures of fiction and nonfiction book titles and glued them into their journals. We read two different books, one fiction and one nonfiction to understand the difference! Ask your child what fiction and nonfiction mean! We also read a story and drew what happened first, next, and last!

Writer’s Workshop: In celebration of our 100th day of school last week, we drew a picture and wrote about what we will be doing when we are 100 years old. Some of us will be parents, grandparents, librarians, and even firefighters! We also used the numbers 100 to invent something. Students cut out the numbers and created bicycles, butterflies, space ships and smiley faces! We have very creative thinkers in here!


We continue to focus on including 4 things in our sentences while writing stories in our journals using our “Fab 4 checklist.”


  1. Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence.
  2. Spaces between words.
  3. Period at the end of a sentence.
  4. Mostly lowercase letters.

Math: In honor of our 100th day of school, we counted out 100 Fruit Loops (by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s) and made them into a delicious edible necklace! We continued our unit on subtraction answering the essential question: How can I use objects to subtract? We have also learned that when you use the number line in subtraction, you hop backwards. Continue to work on addition and subtraction facts at home with your child!


Religion: Last week, we celebrated Ash Wednesday by attending an all school online Mass. Students received ashes sprinkled on their heads as a symbol that we all have sinned, but God forgives us! As individuals, we set goals for ourselves to be more like Jesus during this Lenten Season. Using our “Fab 4 Checklist,” students reflected and wrote their goals on feet, symbolizing the pathway to Lent. One student’s goal is to pray every night and another’s is to make art for people!


Ms. Shaw joined our class again this week to teach the next Kelso’s Choice lesson! This week we learned about taking turns. Students learned that it can be hard to take turns! While we are waiting for something they can think about something else, take deep breaths if they are feeling frustrated, and remind themselves that it’s ok to wait. Students also learned phrases they can use when they would like a turn, for example, “Can I use that now please?” or “Can we take turns?” Students also learned phrases they can say to offer someone else a turn, for example, “You should have a turn now” or “Here, you can use it now.” Ask your child to share more of the phrases they learned with you!

Lent: During Lent, as a school we will participate in the Catholic Relief Services, Rice Bowl project. This is something that your family can decide how you want to use. The church will collect your full rice bowls around Holy Thursday. In class, we will take a closer look at each week’s dedicated country. We will find the country on a map, watch a firsthand story of the people who live there and ultimately feel more connected to the service they are providing through the rice bowl project.

Here is the link to learn more about how you can bring the CRS Rice Bowl to life at home:

Common Core Standards we’re working on:

  • I can read common sight words.
  • I can count to 100 by ones and tens.
  • I can count forward beginning with a given number within the known sequence (instead of starting at 1)
  • Identify whether the number of objects in one group is greater than, less than, or equal to the number of objects in another group, e.g., by using matching and counting strategies.
  • I can read emergent level text with purpose and understanding.
  • With prompting and support, I can ask and answer questions about key details in text.
  • I can spell simple words phonetically.
  • I can read CVC words.
  • I can speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings and ideas clearly.
  • I can read the words in a book in the right order.
  • I can tell how the words and pictures go together in stories.
  • I can say the most common sound for each consonant in the alphabet.
  • I can draw or write to help me share what I think.
  • I can help my class learn about a subject and then write about it.
  • I can print lots of upper and lowercase letters.
  • I can write numbers from 0-20.
  • I can tell who the author and illustrator are in stories.
  • I can tell the characters, setting, and what happens in stories.
  • I can draw or write to help me share what I think.
  • I can add numbers within 5.

 Important Dates:

  • Friday, March 12th – Teacher In-Service, No School
  • Tuesday, March 17th – All School Mass, Dress Uniform

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Murray