Class News 3/19/21

Miss Murray’s Class News 3/19/21

We had another fantastic week together full of discoveries and adventures in kindergarten! The highlights were learning all about the water cycle, talking about spring, and reflecting on Jesus’ journey to the Cross.

Sight Words: if and will. Next week will be up and other.

Phonics: During spelling this week, we focused on reading, spelling and brainstorming words in the –ut, -ug and –un word families. Students observed that our word families always have a vowel and words within each family always rhyme. Students cut out their sort picture and word cards, and then read the words to match each word to a picture. They sorted the pairs into word family categories. Students played partner memory match – trying to match words and picture cards with another in the same word family. Finally, students glued the sort cards into categories, and finally spelled our spelling words and thought of new –ut –ug and –un words to add to their list. Students also made an “un” ice cream cone! Take a look in your child’s Friday folder!

Literacy Centers: Students were busy in literacy centers this week! In the library center, students read their decodable books and books from the library. At the iPad center, students read along to and listened to stories of the Bible as well as other fiction and nonfiction stories. At the sight word center, some students wrote sentences with their sight words and put them in alphabetical order. Others read stories and answered comprehension questions! In the reading group, students continue to progress in their decodable books! Keep up the great work, kindergarten!


Writer’s Workshop: We have been learning all about the water cycle in kindergarten! We read the book, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and as a class created our own book based on the pattern of the original. Every student wrote a page for the class book.

We continue to focus on including 4 things to make our sentences complete-

  1. Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence.
  2. Spaces between words.
  3. Period at the end of a sentence.
  4. Mostly lowercase letters.

Math: This week we continued to work on addition and subtraction to 10! We wrote subtraction stories in our writing journals and shared them with the class. We are sure to use the words “are left” when writing a subtraction story!



Science: This week we began our unit on the water cycle! Through songs, motions, diagrams, videos, fiction and non-fiction books we learned the stages of the water cycle. Ask your child to sing our song about the water cycle! At home, you can ask your child to describe these scientific vocabulary words – evaporation, condensation, precipitation, transpiration and collection. We also “made it rain” in class! We used shaving cream and blue food coloring to represent clouds and rain droplets. We love being scientists in kindergarten!

Religion: We continue to reflect on our Lenten journey. We also continue learning about the Stations of the Cross in class. As a class, we discuss each station while we listen to how Jesus was feeling and doing during that time.

Here is the link to learn more about how you can bring the CRS Rice Bowl to life at home:

Ms. Shaw joined our class for the last Kelso’s Choice lesson! This week, students learned how to apologize. We apologize when we have made a mistake and may have hurt someone’s feeling so we need to make it better! Students learned that sometimes you can say a quick “I’m Sorry” if you accidentally bumped into someone or maybe you interrupted them. When you really hurt someone’s feelings, though, it is better to give a 3 part apology! First, tell them what you’re sorry for. Then, tell them what you’ll do differently in the future. Lastly, ask them what you can do to make it better. Ask your child to tell you the 3-part apology!

Common Core Standards we are working on:

  • I can count to 100 by ones and tens.
  • I can write numbers 0 to 20.
  • I can write a number to tell about a group of 0 to 20 things.
  • I can understand that words have spaces between them.
  • I can find and say the beginning, middle and last sound of simple words.
  • I can read common sight words.
  • I can read emergent level text with purpose and understanding.
  • With prompting and support, I can ask and answer questions about key details in text.
  • I can spell simple words phonetically.
  • I can read CVC words.
  • I can speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings and ideas clearly.
  • I can tell how the words and pictures go together in stories.
  • I can draw or write to help me share what I think.
  • I can print lots of upper and lowercase letters.
  • I can write complete sentences.
  • I can identify ending punctuation marks.
  • I can sort words into categories.
  • I can change sounds in simple, one-syllable words to make new words.
  • I can represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images and drawings.

 Important Dates:

  • Friday, April 2nd – Good Friday, Noon Dismissal
  • April 5th – 9th – Easter Break, No School

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Murray