Homework in Kindergarten is optional, but encouraged, as it reenforces what we have learned in class! Your children will be excited to share with you what they learn each day!

  • Reading:

We recommend 10 minutes (minimum) of reading each night. In the beginning, this may be someone else reading to the student and as they learn to read, more and more of those minutes should be them reading to you!

Guided Reading Language

We will also send home a monthly reading log. Every night that your child reads, they may color in a shape on the reading log. At the end of the month, they may turn in the filled log for a trip to our classroom treasure chest!

Here are the year’s reading logs if you ever need to print another one:

Monthly Reading Logs

  • Handwriting:

We will be practicing letter and number formation for the first few months of school. Be on the look out for practice sheets!

Letter and Number Formation Guide

  • Sight Words:

Sight words are the most common words seen in text. We will be learning two sight words per week. Practice these at home as it will help in the development o your child’s reading! Our goal is to master 50 sight words by the end of Kindergarten.

Fry First 100 Sight Words

  • Math:

Every week we will send home math practice from our math curriculum, My Math which coincides with what we learned in class that week. As the year goes on, we may include more math fluency practice.